About Anthony

Anthony W Belletete CPA

Is a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA license number NM 6765 and NC 23113 issued in 1995).  His education includes a bachelors degree in Accounting and a Masters of Business Administration degree.

Over the years the firm has worked with hundreds of business and individual clients with tax, business transition and valuation, accounting, and QuickBooks issues. We currently provide income tax, accounting, QuickBooks support, and business acquisition services to clients in Los Alamos and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Our office is conveniently located at 3250 Trinity Drive in Los Alamos, NM. 

If you are... 

  • in need of tax or accounting services 
  • in need of help with QuickBooks
  • tired of never knowing who is doing your tax work
  • tired of being up sold by your current CPA
  • starting a business
  • selling a business
  • administering an estate 
  • or just looking for a CPA with which to build a long term relationship...

...give us a call today at 505-225-1120 

Anthony W. Belletete, CPA