Serving Your Individual Needs


Income Tax Preparation

The 2018 tax filing season starts January 28, 2019.  Are you ready?  

There are more changes to the tax law for 2018 than we have seen for 30 years.  It is our job to stay on top of these changes and make sure your returns are prepared quickly and accurately.

Multi-state Returns

Do you have a complicated tax return with multiple income streams from multiple states?  If so, I can help.  I have 20 years  experience preparing complex returns. 

Tax Representation

Have you received a letter from the IRS or the state saying you are being audited or you owe back taxes.  If so, I can help.  I can act as your agent and deal directly with the IRS or state agency to help resolve your tax issues. 

Trust and Estate Tax Returns

Are you responsible for file the tax return for a family trust?  If so, let me take that burden off of your shoulders and prepare the 1041 tax return for you.
Are you the executor of an Estate?  Did you know you may need to file a tax return for the Estate with the IRS?  If you are unsure, I can evaluate your situation and let you know your filing requirements. 

Gift Tax Returns

Many wealthy individuals give generously to their children and grandchildren.  Did you know that if you make significant gifts to family and friends you are required to file a Gift Tax Return form 709 with the IRS?  For 2017, you will be required to file a gift tax return if you make gifts to a single individual of $14,000 or more.  

IRS Tax Debt Settlement. A Fresh Start

The IRS has a program referred to commonly as the Fresh Start Program that allows certain taxpayers to settle their IRS debt for less than the full amount owed.  The program, called "Making an Offer in Compromise" can significantly reduce your tax liability.  There are a number of hoops that have to be jumped through and you have to meet certain income and asset rules to qualify.  

I have successfully helped qualified taxpayers reduce their tax debt through this program. If you owe back taxes and have limited income and assets to pay the balance due, I may be able to help you get out from under that tax burden.